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Department Locations

The SDE Department is divided into two Organizational Units (Unità Organizzativa di Sede, UOS), one in Bologna and one in Forlì.

As regards Bologna, the SDE Department is furtherly divided into two offices that are both in the university district:

  • Palazzo Hercolani (Strada Maggiore 45): a former residence of the Hercolani family, whose construction began in 1793 and ended at the beginning of 1800. The Department has its offices in the first and the second floor, while the departmental library is located at the ground floor;
  • Via San Giacomo 3, where is located the other section of the departmental library (the juridical one).

A further UOS is located in the former Faculty of Political Sciences "Roberto Ruffilli" at Forlì, with the aim of coordinating the departmental activities in Romagna.