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The Department of Sociology and Business Law (SDE) was founded in October 2012 as a new academic entity.

SDE Department has been the result of a fruitful debate among the staff of two former departments (Sociology "Achille Ardigò", Business and Economy Legal Disciplines). Such debate was the consequence of a strong affinity in research and teaching activity.
The Department of Sociology had a long tradition and a national primogeniture in sociological studies.

In 1956 the Centro Studi Sociali ed Amministrativi (CSSA) was founded, with the first sociological studies coordinated by Achille Ardigò. CSSA was located in Via Lame 39 in Bologna, and it had an important literature availability in its library since 1958.

In 1966, CSSA was acknowledged as Istituto di Sociologia and affiliated to the Faculty of Political Sciences of Bologna University.

This institute became the Department of Sociology on the 1st of November 1982, and in 2009 it was dedicated to Achille Ardigò (recognized as the founder of Italian sociology) . Moving from this tradition, with a look to the future, the department played an important role in the national and international academic debate.

The Department of Business and Economy Legal Disciplines was founded on the 1st of January 1987. A PhD, post-graduate university course and research activities were connected to this department as regards economics and business. Research topics were connected to some specific disciplines both in public and private law, with the aim of capturing the reciprocal influence among juridical elements, economics and business. The affiliated members held taught in the Faculty of Economy of Bologna University (Bologna, Forlì, and Rimini campuses); we owe them the initiative of constituting the department.

From 2012 these two entities, also on the base of important experiences in several foreign universities, have begun a common scientific path, which is organized to favour research and teaching topics through which establish a strong and innovative interdisciplinary approach.