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The SDE Department has a library divided into two sections: the juridical one (Via San Giacomo 3) and the sociological one (Strada Maggiore 45).

The bibliographic heritage is big and articulated: 74,500 books and book collections (included the Fondo Achille Ardigò), 14,700 years of publications from 241 national and international scientific journals.

S. Giacomo section is specialized in juridical and economic issues. See info sheet.
Strada Maggiore section is specialized in sociological and social service issues. See info sheet.

Projects for the Library:

  • Establishment of Fondo Pierpaolo Donati (2016-2017)
  • Establishment of «Biblioteca dei Maestri della Sociologia e del Diritto dell’Economia» (2016-2017), important librarian found located in different places but virtually unified through an on-line catalog, digitization of the most valuable books, definition of a common policy of access and consultation
  • Learning Library: seminars to introduce new studies open to the whole scientific community, Look events section


Sociology and Business Law Library - San Giacomo

specialized in law and economics

Via S. Giacomo, 3

40126 - Bologna - Italy

tel: 051-2099970 051-2099971

fax: 051-2099977

Sociology and Business Law Library - Strada Maggiore

specialized in political and social sciences

Strada Maggiore 45

40125 - Bologna - Italy

tel: 0512092884

fax: 051238004