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Research topics and the other aspects connected to scientific activity of the SDE Department can be consulted in the boxes of this page.

Research activity of professors and assistant professors of SDE Department is based on the idea that the increase and rapidity of society and business law changes require a systematic and accurate analysis of risks and opportunities, with particular attention to the impact on the promotion and protection of fundamental rights.

All the components of the SDE Department work with a sociological, juridical and interdisciplinary approach to understand the juridical regulations and social change processes at local and global level, with attention to the fundamental principles of our society (European Convention on Human Rights, national Constitutions)

Editorial Activity
The editorial activity of SDE department consists on the publication of several scientific journals and books.
Research centers
Research centeres are part of departmental orgaization: they have no organs, no resources and no budget autonomy, but they help in working on some research topics.
SUA-RD Sheet
The SUA-RD sheet (Scheda Unica della Ricerca Dipartimentale) is part of the self-evaluation, evaluation and accreditation system (AVA).
Research Topics
Main research activities of the SDE Department.
Research Doctorates
Departments are the organisational units of the University that carry out scientific research, teaching and learning activities.
PhD Programmes
Info about PhD programmes of the SDE Department