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Research Topics

Main research activities of the SDE Department.

The research activity of SDE Department is focused on scenarios in constant change. It supports innovation and socio-economic investments for inclusion as well as citizenship rights and company rights with particular attention to the following topics:

  • Social inequality and juridical system change
  • Territory and governance of welfare policies
  • Labour changes and social inclusion
  • Juridical and economic change in labour
  • Market regulations in transition and their impact on economy and society
  • Migration and citizenship processes
  • Relations between tax law and society in the public and private economy
  • Hate crimes, security policies and victimization processes
  • Cultural policies, consumption policies, urban change and new rights in the digital era
  • Health, well-being and new lifestyles
  • Business development, with particular attention to Small Business
  • Role of banks and capital markets
  • Insolvency of business and consumers
  • Protection of savers, investors and other business stakeholders
  • Life cycle, gender and intergenerational dynamics.