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This Department moves from a long tradition of sociological, law and economic studies at national and international level.
In this tradition, with a look to the future, the SDE Department plays an important role in the national and international academic debate.

The SDE Department carries out functions related to research and teaching about social change and legal regulation of economy and society, with particular attention to socialization and family, territory, environment, tourism, communication and culture, security, public administration, market and business, taxation, labor, health, consumption, and new legal institutions and new models of social organization. Specific attention is paid to European and international comparative perspective about:

  • analysis of policies, services and measures for the social, legal, judicial and extrajudicial protection of people and the well-being of population, in the different areas of intervention and territorial levels ( local, regional, European and international);

  • analysis of the new tools for the promotion and protection of businesses and non-profit organizations.

Main research topics:

  • Social inequality and change in legal systems

  • Territory and governance of welfare policies

  • Changes in labor and social inclusion

  • Legal and economic transformations of labor

  • Regulations of transition markets and their impact on economy and society

  • Migration and citizenship processes

  • Relation between tax law and society in the public and private economy

  • Hate crimes, security policies and victimization processes

  • Culture, consumption, urban change and new rights in the digital age

  • Health, well-being and new lifestyles

  • Business development, in particular the small enterprises

  • Role of banks and capital markets

  • Insolvency of the enterprise and of the consumer

  • Protection of savers, investors and other business stakeholders

  • Lifecycle, gender, and intergenerational dynamics

Research centers are part of departmental organization with the function to work on some topics. SDE Department approved the constitution of seven research centers and a laboratory (Multimedia Lab)

C.I.Do.S.Pe.L. International Documentation Center and Sociological Studies on Labor Issues

Ce.P.Ci.T. Center for Studies on City and Territory Problems

Ce.S.I.S. Center for Studies and Research on Social Innovation

C.I.R.Vi.S. Interdisciplinary Research Center on Victimology and Security

Ces.Co.Com. Center for Advanced Studies on Consumption and Communication

Study Center on Micro and SMEs

CeUmS - Center for Advanced Studies on Humanitarian Care

The editorial activity of SDE department consists on the publication of several scientific journals and books.

In particular, we stress the following publishers: Giappichelli (Turin) for the departmental collection, FrancoAngeli (Milano), CLUEB (Bologna)


1st Cycle and 2nd Cycle Degree Programmes

Higher Education Courses


Reearch Doctorates

SDE is the proponent structure of the PhD in Sociology and Social Research and co-proponent structure for the PhD in European Law.


The SDE Department has a library divided into two sections: the juridical one (Via San Giacomo 3) and the sociological one (Strada Maggiore 45).

The bibliographic heritage is big and articulated: 74,500 books and book collections (included the Fondo Achille Ardigò), 14,700 years of publications from 241 national and international scientific journals.


The Department is particularly active in internationalization

There are many conventions and collaborations of its members with prestigious research institutes and universities, as well as research projects in progress with foreign partners.



Sociology and Business Law Department SDE

Strada Maggiore, 45 40125 - Bologna

tel:  0512092850

Sociology and Business Law Department SDE

San Giacomo venue Via San Giacomo, 3 40125 – Bologna

tel: 0512099973

Dipartimento di Sociologia e Diritto dell'Economia — SDE

UOS Forlì, Via Giacomo della Torre 1 e Piazzale della Vittoria 15 47100 - Forlì


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